About Us

Southern Aero is located just North of Lethbridge's main terminal on Apron 3.  We have the only heated storage available at CYQL and offer everything you've come to expect from a full service FBO or Jet Center.  From the moment you arrive our staff is ready to assist you with quick-turns, fuel, hangarage, catering, lodging or any other arrangements.

We provide fuel, baggage handling, check-in services and deicing for scheduled commercial flights operating from the Lethbridge and Medicine Hat Airports. 

Whether you're transporting executives in a bizjet or out flying for fun, we will make sure you leave here knowing you made the right choice of FBO at CYQL.

Aircraft Refuelling Services

With over 100,000 liters on hand, we can handle almost any fuel request.

Oxygen/Nitrogen Services

Our trained staff can take care of your oxygen/nitrogen needs when you visit our FBO.

Ground Power

28V DC Ground Power available.


Ability to hangar aircraft up to an 80' wingspan in secure, heated comfort.

Ramp + Deice

Ramp space to accommodate all sizes of aircraft and Type 1/Type 4 deicing services are always available.


Partnerships with local businesses to ensure your catering order is fresh and on time.

Rental Car

National Car Rental services available at our FBO.  Let us handle the booking, or call them yourself and tell them Southern Aero is the pick-up location.  (403) 380 3070